10 Best Hair Straightener Brushes for Smooth, Silky Hair

It’s one thing to pay for a salon blowout that leaves you with smooth, silky, straight hair. It’s another thing entirely to go the DIY route at home with a blow-dryer, hairbrush, and straightening iron. Cheaper? Yes. Easier? Heck no, especially when you’re trying to tackle the back of your head. Enter the heated hair straightener brush, a brilliant multitasking tool that allows you to nail truly sleek, shiny hair quickly and easily—minus the dents and damage of a traditional flat iron.

“Hair straightener brushes are different from flat irons,” explains Colleen Cronin-Torres, owner of 1202 Hair Studio in Burlingame, California. “They both smooth the hair and add shine. But with a flat iron, hair is pressed between two heated plates, creating a straight, flat surface from roots to ends. A heated hair straightening brush is just that: a brush that you run through your hair to smooth frizz [but] leaves volume at the roots for a slightly fuller, more voluminous look.”

Deciding which tool to use generally depends on how straight you want your hair. If your goal is an extreme, glass-like finish, a flat iron might be your best bet. But for everyday straightening, this novel tool is a game-changer. “I like that you can get a quick, smooth finish without having to work extremely hard, especially for those with softer wavy hair,” says Joico artistic educator Leticia McKay. To simplify your search, we’ve tapped experts, reviewers, and even beauty influencers to bring you the best hair straightening brushes for your hair type and needs.How to use a hair straightener brush

You don’t have to laboriously blow-dry your hair with a paddle or round brush before styling. Just try this hairstylist secret: Simply rough-dry your hair and then use the straightening brush finish the job. Cronin-Torres likes to dry hair completely before sectioning the sides and back of the hair with a clip.

“Make sure you keep the brush moving,” she says. “Slowly run it through sections of the hair, starting at the nape, letting down one section at a time to do the back of the hair. Once the back is smooth, let down the sides and brush the rest of the hair until you have reached the desired smoothness.”

Lange Le Vite Straightening Brush

via ulta.com L’ange Le Vite Straightening Brush

Best for: Damaged hair

When hair is already suffering, the last thing a stylist would do is expose it to extreme heat that can cause cuticle damage, split ends, or rough texture. Not only does L’ange’s Le Vite have adjustable heat settings that can help you bypass thermal damage, but it also delivers infrared heat and negative ions that distribute deeply and evenly throughout the hair. Plus, the ceramic plates glide smoothly and easily, sans snagging or breakage. Its cool-tipped ceramic bristles offer added safety.

Toss a damage-preventing heat-protectant product in your cart while you’re at it. “I like to say you wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen, so why would you put over 400 degrees of hot tools on your hair without some kind of protection?” says Tiffany Molina, a hairstylist in Vancouver, Washington. She loves Joico’s Heat Hero Glossing Thermal Protector, a next-generation hair guardian that springs into action to shield hair from the assault of sizzling tools.

Highlights:Heats up to 450 degreesHas an automatic shut-off featureReaches desired temp in under one minute

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