Best Air Cooler in India 2021-Air Cooler

Best Air Cooler in India 2021-Air Cooler

Need for best air cooler in India

India faces extreme heat during summers therefore, you might need the best air cooler in India. With air coolers, you can easily tackle the sweltering heat from the comfort of your home. Although air conditioners have taken over the market, air coolers are an affordable way to enjoy in the extreme heat of summers.

An air cooler is less expensive, saves electricity and is eco-friendly. There are a lot of cooler brands, so it might be a difficult task to choose one for your home. Therefore, we have listed some of the best air cooler for home.

List of the best cooler in India

Here is a list of 5 modern coolers that you can buy for your home. The list is based on specifications, features and customer experience. These are the best air cooler in India to buy in 2021.

1. Crompton air cooler: Ozone 75-Litre Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Cooler
Crompton Cooler

We know Crompton is a leading brand manufacturer of the best air cooler in India. With more than 75 years of legacy, the brand follows a dynamic and innovative approach to provide a meaningful solution to its customers.

This Crompton air cooler comes with a wide-angle air throw and a higher level of air delivery. Its humidity controller provides superior cooling. It is one of the best desert air cooler in India.

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-litre Desert Air Cooler: Specifications

BrandCrompton Greaves
Power190 W
Voltage230 V
Capacity75 L
Air delivery4200 cubic meter/hr
Air Throw52 ft
Dimensions61 x 40.5 x 120 cm
Weight14.50 kg
Warranty1 year
Specifications: Crompton Desert Cooler

Crompton Desert Air Cooler: Features

  1. Cooling Pad: This Crompton Desert Air Cooler comes with Wood Wool Cooling Pad which provides improved water retention and ensures 4200m3/hr air delivery for better cooling.
  2. Ice chambers: You can put ice cubes through an ice chamber for the ultimate cooling experience.
  3. 75 L Capacity: It has a Large Water Tank, so you don’t need to fill it every time.
  4. Suitable For Up to 500 Sq. Ft: Cools up to 500 sq. ft area.

Crompton Desert Air Cooler: Pros and Cons

Motorized Louver for 4 way air deflectionA bit expensive
Works even inverter as wellA bit noisy
Durable and Rust-free body
Easy to clean
Pros and Cons: Crompton Air Cooler

2. Bajaj Air Cooler: DMH 65 NEO 65-litres Desert Air Cooler

One of the most trustworthy and affordable brands in India is Bajaj. With a vision to provide enhanced life to their customers, the brand manufactures high performing products.

Best Air Cooler in India
Bajaj air cooler DMH 65 NEO

The Bajaj air cooler DMH 65 NEO is a powerful air cooler that delivers cool and fresh air. It comes with a remote control so you can control the airflow from a distance. Turbo Fan Technology ensures efficient air circulation in the room. Its Anti-Bacterial Honeycomb Master prevents bacterial growth and delivers clean and fresh air. Also, it has a 3-speed control dial to maintain the speed of airflow manually. All these features make this Bajaj air cooler the best cooler in India.

Bajaj Cooler: Specification

Power200 W
Voltage230 V
Capacity65 L
Air delivery5600 cubic meter/hr
Air Throw90 ft
Dimensions65.5 x 47 x 109 cm
Weight15.8 kg
Warranty1 year
:Specification: Bajaj Cooler DMH 65 NEO

Features: DMH 65 NEO Bajaj Air Cooler

  1. Anti-Bacterial Honeycomb Master: Bajaj Cooler DMH 65 NEO comes with an anti-bacterial honeycomb master that ensures fresh air by preventing bacterial growth in the air.
  2. Turbo Fan Technology: It regulates a powerful airflow, about 90 feet air throw. It is one of the best desert air cooler in India you can buy.
  3. Remote-Control: You can control the airflow by a remote, sitting at a distance.
  4. Large Tank Capacity: It has a 65-litre water tank, so you don’t need to refill water every time. Also, there is an ice chamber to store ice for superior cooling.

Pros and Cons: Bajaj Air Cooler DMH 65 NEO

Comes with Remote ControlA bit expensive
Low noise level
Better Cooling
Pros and Cons: Bajaj Desert Cooler

3. Symphony Cooler: Storm 70XL – G Desert Cooler

Next on the list is the Symphony air cooler. Symphony is known for manufacturing high-quality products. The brand was established in 1988 in Gujrat, India and is well known for innovative and energy-conserving air coolers. It is one of the best cooler brands in India.

Best Air Cooler in India
Symphony Cooler Storm 70 XL

The Symphony Storm 70 XL is a stylish and powerful air cooler that provides efficient cooling in every corner of the room. This Symphony cooler has a 70-litre water tank for uninterrupted cooling. It is a tower cooler, comes with a 3-speed fan option which ensures better airflow and is suitable for a 37 sq. m room. Its water tank alarm warns in case of low water, to prevent the motor from damage. For the best experience, keep your door/window open for cross-ventilation. It is the best cooler you can buy for your home.

Specifications: Symphony Cooler – Storm 70XL

ModelStorm 70XL – G
Power205 W
Voltage230 V
Capacity70 L
Suitable for room37 sq m
Dimensions63.5 x 50 x 112.5 cm
Weight14.9 kg
Warranty1 year
Symphony Cooler – Storm 70XL: Specifications

Symphony Cooler – Storm 70XL: Features

  1. Tank Capacity: 70-litre water tank for uninterrupted cooling. The tank is equipped with an alarm for low water warnings, which protects the motor against damage.
  2. Coverage Area: This Symphony cooler comes with a powerful motor which is ideal for cooling a room of 37 square meters.
  3. i-Pure Technology: It comes with multistage air purification filters that provide you with fresh and cool air.
  4. Auto-Shut: Its SMPS ensures protection against voltage fluctuations.

Pros and Cons: Symphony Cooler

Efficient coolingNo remote
Auto shut feature against voltage fluctuationsExpensive
Pros and Cons: Symphony Cooler – Storm 70XL

4. Bajaj cooler: Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal

As discussed earlier, Bajaj is one of the most trustworthy and affordable Indian brands that manufacture high-quality appliances. With a vision to enhance the quality of life of customers, they started the brand and now serving worldwide.

Bajaj Cooler
Bajaj Air Cooler: Platini PX97

The Bajaj cooler Platini PX97 is one of the best air coolers in India to enjoy in summer. It features a powerful motor that provides efficient cooling. Also, its 36-litre water tank ensures you don’t need to refill the cooler frequently. This Bajaj cooler comes with castor wheels for easy mobility.

Specification: Bajaj cooler: Platini PX97

ModelPlatini PX97
Power100 W
Voltage230 V
Capacity36 L
Suitable for room150 Sq Ft
Dimensions45.5 x 43.5 x 82 cm
Weight11.2 kg
Warranty1 year
Specification: Bajaj cooler: Platini PX97

Features: Bajaj cooler – Platini PX97

  1. Air Delivery: This Bajaj air cooler circulates cool air in the entire room.
  2. Air Throw: Bajaj Air cooler PX 97 Torque has a powerful air throw up to 70 feet that reach every corner of the room. And therefore, it is one of the best room cooler in India.
  3. Control Dial: 3-Speed control dial for controlling the speed as per your need.
  4. Storage Tank: It has a storage capacity of 36 litres that ensures you don’t have to refill water frequently.

Pros and Cons: Bajaj cooler – Platini PX97

Compact and PortableExpensive
Efficient Cooling
Low Noise
Pros and Cons: Bajaj cooler

5. Havells Cooler: Celia Desert – 55 Litres

Havells is an Indian brand known for manufacturing world-class electrical equipment. The brand was established in 1958, with its products range from kitchen appliance, lighting, wires and commercial appliance. Today, Havells made its presence in more than 50 countries.

Havells Cooler Celia Desert
Havells Cooler

Havells cooler Celia Desert is one of the best air coolers you can buy online. The cooler has a powerful motor that delivers air at 3500 m3/hr that is sufficient to cool a large room. It has a capacity of 55 litres so you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling. Also, it is silent, compact and can be moved easily. This Havells Cooler is the best cooler to buy in India.

Specifications: Havells Cooler Celia Desert

ModelCelia Desert
Power220 W
Voltage230 V
Capacity55 L
Air Delivery3500 m3/hr
Suitable for room150 Sq Ft
Dimensions66 x 51 x 111.5  cm
Weight25.9 kg
Warranty1 year
Specification: Havells Cooler Celia Desert

Features: Havells Celia Desert Cooler

  1. Power: The Hevells cooler Celia Desert has a powerful fan. It is capable of circulating cool air throughout the room.
  2. Collapsible Louvers: This Havells cooler has collapsible louvres which prevent dust and insects to enter the cooler.
  3. Honeycomb Cooling Pads: 3-sides of the cooler is equipped with Honeycomb Cooling Pads which absorbs dust particles and give you clean and fresh air.
  4. Inverter Compatible: The cooler is inverter compatible so you can enjoy continuous cooling.

Pros and Cons: Havells Celia Desert Cooler

PowerfulNo remote control
Easy to MoveExpensive
Low Noise
Pros and Cons: Havells Desert Cooler

How to select an Air Cooler?

There are a few important things that you must consider before buying the best cooler for your home. In this article, we have also listed the top 5 air coolers in India you can buy.

Tank Capacity

If you are looking for the best air cooler, then water tank capacity is one of the key aspects to consider. It is because water mingles with the air and cools the air which is blown by the fan. The larger the water tank capacity, the lesser you need to refill the water tank. Therefore, you must check the water tank capacity of the cooler. For your living room, 45 – 65 litre and for bedroom 25 – 40 litre is enough.


If looking for the best air cooler in India, then you must also check the airflow. It is the amount of air that is circulated in your room per minute. It is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM.

To calculate the CFM value required for your room:

  1. Measure the size of your room in feet. For example, let’s suppose the area of the room is 300 sq. ft.
  2. Also, measure the height of the room. Let’s assume the height of the room to be 10 ft.
  3. Now, multiply the size with height and divide it by 2. Therefore, 300 sq ft x 10 ft/2 so, the CFM value becomes 1500 cubic feet per minute.

Type of cooling pad

Air cooler offers two different types of cooling pads. These pads are made of aspen or cellulose material which is responsible for cooling the room. The thicker the pads, the better the cooling.

  1. The aspen pad is generally made from wood shavings and synthetic fibre. It is less expensive, needs maintenance and needs replacement after a while.
  2. Cellulose cooling pad looks like honeycomb and therefore also known as honeycomb pads. It is a bit expensive as compared to the aspen pad. Also, it is thicker and requires low maintenance.

Inverter cooler

Though air coolers are energy efficient, an inverter cooler saves about 50 per cent more energy than a normal cooler. An inverter cooler works on the inverter and is the best cooler to buy in India if you have frequent power cuts in your area.

Cooler Design

Air coolers are large and not very aesthetic for your home. But the design of the cooler is an important factor to look, before buying the best air coolers for home. Some models of the top air cooler come in a sleek and stylish design. These take less space and are powerful enough to cool large rooms.

What is a desert cooler?

A desert cooler is a room cooler that works on the water vaporization method. It involves cooling pads on three walls that are wet thoroughly from water, with the help of a pump. When the fan is on, it sucks air from all three sides. This sucked air is passed through the cooling pads and heat gets transferred from air to water. Thus making the air cooler. Finally, the cool air comes out from the cooler into the room. In this article, we have listed the best desert air cooler that you can buy.

Difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner?

Air coolers and air conditioners are both used for cooling, but there are a lot of differences between them. Now let’s understand these differences through the table.

CoolerAir Conditioner
No precision cooling. It can make a room too cool or humid. Precision cooling.
Works on the principle of Evaporative cooling. Hence, you need to refill the water.Use refrigerant for cooling. It works for 2-3 years after refilling.
Makes much noise.Makes very low noise
Formation of microbes or larvae in water tank if not cleaned properly.No microbes or larvae formation
Requires good maintenance. Little maintenance required.
A cooler needs ventilation or it can increase the humidity.No ventilation required.
A cooler cost very low as compared to AC. Moreover operating and maintenance cost is also very less as compared to AC An AC is expensive. The operating and maintenance cost is also high.
air cooler vs air conditioner


Q. Why does a desert cooler cool better on a hot dry day?

A. Desert coolers work on the principle that the temperature of an evaporating liquid falls. That means the lower the humidity, the more effective desert coolers work. When there is 100 per cent humidity in the air, then there is no evaporation, then the desert coolers have no potential to cool the room. However, when the humidity is low, then desert coolers have the potential to cool the room.

Q. Which air cooler brand is best in India?

A. According to us, the best cooler brand in India is Symphony.

Q. What is the difference between wood wool and a honeycomb air cooler?

A. Wool wood is cheap and made of synthetic fibre, so it retains less water. It looks like grass and has low life of 1 year. Also, it needs high maintenance.
On the other hand, honeycomb is made of cellulose material and is more expensive. It has high water retention and has a life of 2-3 years.

Are air coolers bad for your health?

A cooler is much safe than an air conditioner because a cooler uses water as a coolant, whereas an air conditioner uses CFCs and HFCs as refringent. Always keep the room ventilated if using a cooler, or it will become too humid and uncomfortable.

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