About Us

Welcome to the About Us section of CTHESTORE.

We are India’s number one source for all home and kitchen appliances. Dedicated to help people select the best appliance by providing complete information. We list products according to our research-based on, brand value, product specification, product quality and customer reviews. Choosing the right product saves your time, money and effort.  

Priyanka Chopra and Ankit Jais are the authors behind this blog. We have started this blog at the beginning of 2020, to help people buy the best products online, and now we have a team working with us.

A lot of research work is done before we publish an article. We list the best products that give you a hassle-free online shopping experience. Our articles help those who are confused and frustrated in selecting products and end up buying the wrong product. They are not satisfied with their decisions, so we are here for them.

This is how we list our products

We list the products after a thorough research. Our research is carried on the following factors:

  1. We choose a product to inform.
  2. We look for the top brands which manufacture that particular product.
  3. Then we compare the specifications, features and the price.
  4. After shortlisting a few products, we go through their customer reviews and other articles from various sources.
  5. Then we select the top products and list them in our articles.   

CTHESTORE lists a wide range of products that are best in their categories. We include every detail to give you clarity of the products so that you can make better decisions. We incorporate the pros and cons, specifications and features of all the products that are listed to give a better overview of the appliance. CTHESTORE cares about you, so we list the best products to save your money, time and efforts.   

We hope our articles help you select the best options for your home. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your suggestions are valuable to us, and are always welcomed.
Thank you for reading the About Us section.