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Best Carpet for Living Room: Carpets online India

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Best Carpet for living room: Living rooms give the first impression of the house as it is the first room that anyone sees after entering your home. It’s a social hub of a home where all the family members sit, relax, enjoy and play games together. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right kind of flooring to give your living room a classy and elegant look.

You need the best carpet for living room to give your room a brand-new, lavish and stylish look. Besides living room, carpets and rugs can also be placed on the terraces, outdoor, sunrooms or anywhere in the house. Carpeting your floor offers several benefits like:

Need for the best carpet for living room

  • Carpets give a cosy atmosphere.
  • Carpets give a glamorous, stylish or formal look to your living room.
  • They are slip-resistant surface.
  • It adds beauty to your decor.
  • Carpet keeps feet warm during winters.
  • It feels soft and gentle on your feet.
  • Carpets absorb sound. Therefore, it is a must for rooms that has home theatre systems.
  • Soft flooring is good if you have children at home. It is the best surface for children to crawl. Even if they fall on the carpet floor, it won’t hit hard.
  • Carpets are economical.
  • If you accidentally drop any breakable object, it is less likely to break on a carpet.
  • It protects the floors or tiles from damage. You can even lay a carpet over an uneven surface.
  • It can be recycled to make a new one.
  • Carpets are easy to maintain as compared than other floorings.
  • Carpets traps dust and other contaminants until from breathing zone and keeps the room clean. These contaminants and dust can be easily removed by a vacuum cleaner.

List of 10 Best Carpet for Living Room

Brand: Status Contract
Size: 3x5 ft
Material: Nylon
Colour: Red
Weight: 1.41 kg

Brand: Status Taba
Size: 121 cm x 182 cm
Material: Nylon
Colour: Multi
Weight: 2 kg

Brand: Status Contract
Size: 4 x 6 ft
Material: Polyester
Colour: Multi
Weight: 2 kg

Brand: Rufruf
Size: 4 x 6 ft
Material: Microfiber
Colour: Multi

Brand: Generic
Size: 3 X 5 Ft
Material: Microfiber
Colour: Ivory
Weight: 5 kg

Brand: Carpet Mahal
Size: 6 x 9 ft
Material: Microfiber 
Colour: Ivory YK14

Brand: Status Contract
Size: 4 x 6 ft
Material: Polyester
Colour: Multi
Weight: 2 kg

Brand: Shifa Rugs
Size: 5 x 8 ft
Material: Wool
Colour: Multi-22
Weight: 14 kg

Brand: Zayan Rugs
Size: 5 x 7 ft
Material: Wool
Colour: Beige

Brand: Rahman Carpets
Size: 5 x 7 ft
Material: Synthetic
Colour: Blue 6C
Weight: 6 kg

Why should you clean carpets?

Carpets are easy to maintain. But they have to be cleaned regularly to increase their life. Below we have mentioned some of the reasons why you should clean the best carpet for your living room.

  1. Carpets should be cleaned to make them last longer. It should be deep-cleaned by a professional cleaner in every 12-18 months.
  2. Vacuuming also helps up to some extent to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the carpet. Weekly vacuuming is sufficient for cleaning carpet.
  3. If people in the house have chronic allergies, then clean the carpets thoroughly to lessen the impact. Carpets attract dust and allergens present in air so clean it more frequently.
  4. On light-coloured carpets, stains and dirt are easily visible as compared to dark-coloured carpets. Therefore, it requires constant cleaning.
  5. Unclean carpets can cause various health problems.
  6. If you have pets at your home, it becomes more important to deep clean your carpet frequently as it causes unpleasant odours.
  7. Children often spill juices, food, paint, etc. on the carpet. So, to keep your children safe from dirt and toxins, clean the carpet regularly.
  8. Shoes carry small particles of dirt and grit with them. If you allow shoes indoors tread carefully and avoid stepping on the carpet.

How to clean the carpet at home?

Some of the best techniques to clean your carpet at home are:

  • Clean it with a vacuum cleaner regularly. You can vacuum it once a week, but if you have pets, vacuum it more often. There are some good vacuum cleaners available in the market. Vacuum the carpet multiple times at least twice or thrice not just once. You should avoid scrubbing or rubbing the stains because it can damage the fibres.
  • Use shaving cream to remove the stains. Apply and leave it on the carpet for around an hour. When it dries up, you can use a very little amount of water and then use a vacuum cleaner (preferably wet and dry vacuum cleaner) to dry the surface of the carpet.
  • You can also spray soda and vinegar to remove hard stains.
  • If a piece of chewing gum gets stuck on the carpet, remove it by using an ice cube.
  • If oil or curry spills on the carpet clean it by mixing dishwasher detergent in water and spraying the mixture over the stain.
  • Spilling of wax is not usual, but if it happens, then use heating process to remove the wax. Place a cotton cloth the over the solid wax on the carpet. Take a hot iron and place it over the cloth to heat the wax. When the wax starts to melt, scrape it using a butter knife.

How to choose the best carpet for living room

Buying the best carpet for living room or any other room is a tedious task. There are so many different kinds of carpets available which leads to confusion. You have to consider several factors before buying it like durability, colour, material, style, etc. Some of the factors you should consider before buying one are:

  1. Durability and Quality: Carpets are made of different materials. Buy a good quality carpet that can stand normal wear and tear of everyday life. You can test its quality by bending it backwards. If it bends easily, it is of low-density and thus, not a good quality carpet.
    The durability of a carpet is measured by its face weight. It is defined as the weight of the carpet pile per square yard and is measured in ounce. Invest in a carpet that has face weight between 34 to 40 ounce.
  2. Density: The density of the carpet or rug means how closely its fibres are knit and the pile height. Denser the carpet more durable it would be. Generally, the density rating of 2000 or more is considered good.
  3. Weight: Weight of the carpet should also be considered. It is generally mentioned at the back of the carpet.
  4. Fibre: The fibre affects both the look and durability of the carpet. Different kinds of fibre include:
    • Nylon
    • Triextra
    • Polyester
    • Olefin
    • Wool
  5. Maintenance: Look for the carpets that are easy to clean and maintain.
  6. Construction Type: It includes pile, style, cut and loop, Berber, etc.
  7. Colour: It depends on personal preference and decor style. Colour selection also depends on factors like natural light exposure of the room where you want to use the carpet, etc. Some colours capable of hiding stains.
  8. Price: The price of carpet depends on its quality. There is a wide range of carpets available.

How to buy carpet: Tips to choose a carpet

  1. Size: It is necessary to choose the correct size. Big-carpets makes your room and furniture look smaller. Whereas, small-carpets are neither sufficient nor look good. Therefore, select the carpet that fits and suit your space.
  2. The softness of the carpet: Many brands are making soft carpets. You can even place a carpet cushion beneath to get more softness. Like, memory foam padding is quite durable and soft.
  3. Consider the design and texture. You can select small patterns for a small-size room to make it look spacious. For a mid-size room, a striped pattern would look good. For large rooms, select a carpet design which repeats itself.
  4. Select the carpet that goes with the tone of your room.
  5. Traffic in the room: Before selecting a carpet make sure whether the room will be used less or frequently.
  6. Warranty: Consider the warranty details before buying.

Best Living Room Carpet Materials

Carpets are made of many different materials. Some of the common materials of carpets:

Nylon (Polyamide): These type of fibres are available in a wide range of rich colours. They are good quality carpets that are long-lasting and can withstand stain-resistant treatments. Nylon carpets are perfect if you have pets at your home. Some of the best Nylon Carpets are:

Polyester: It is an eco-friendly synthetic fibre and can be easily recycled. Polyester feels soft underfoot, is stain-resistant, fade-resistant and has a beautiful appearance. It comes in a wide variety of styles, colours and is reasonably priced. These carpets are also pet-friendly. Some of the best Polyester Carpets are:

Polypropylene (Olefin): It is a popular fibre which is stain-repellent and resistant to fires. Polypropylene carpet is a good option for those people with allergies, feels pleasant underfoot, colour doesn’t fade and long-lasting. Some of the best Polypropylene Carpets are:

Wool: It is high-quality, flexible and extremely durable. Wool feels soft, provides good padding, reduces noise and maintains its appearance. Some of the best Wool Carpets are:

Silk: These hand-knotted carpets and are generally manufactured in Kashmir. They are extremely soft and have beautiful patterns. These carpets are quite expensive and give a luxurious look to your room.

Acrylic (synthetic wool): It is a blend of wool and comparatively less expensive than natural wool carpets. It is not much durable and prone to stains.

Other Carpets

Velvet Carpets: These carpets are soft and dense. They create a cosy atmosphere and are mostly used in living rooms or bedrooms. Some of the best Velvet Carpets are:

Hand-knotted Woollen Carpets: They give a classy look to your living room. You will get a variety of designs in modern and traditional patterns. These give warmth to your living room. Some of the best Hand-knotted Woollen Carpets are:

Plant-made carpet fibre materials:

Jute & Cotton: It is comparatively soft and good for bedrooms.

Sisal: It is a natural fibre which lasts longer. But these are not stain-resistant, rough and attracts dust and insects.

Coir: It is easy to maintain and durable, but feels rough underfoot.

Seagrass: It is stain-resistant but comes with fewer colour options.

Types of Carpet Material:

When looking for the Best Carpet for Living Room, you must check the style of carpet. Some are:

  1. Woven Carpets: These carpets are of high-quality, have vibrant colours, highly durable and expensive. These are made by following traditional methods. The two main types of woven carpets are:
    • Axminster
    • Wilton
  2. Tufted Carpets: It comes in different styles and materials. These are priced reasonably.
  3. Saxony Carpets: These are soft, cut pile carpets but not much dense. It is best for living and bedrooms.
  4. Twist Carpets: These are the most popular carpets. They are highly durable, smooth and long-lasting.
  5. Loop Carpets: These type of carpets are long-lasting and suitable for areas with high-traffic.
  6. Berber Carpets: They are reasonably priced, durable and easily hides dirt.
  7. Cut and Loop Carpets: These types of carpets are less popular nowadays. The patterns are made using a blend of cut and looped pile.
  8. Velvet Carpets: These carpets are soft and are dense. They create a cosy atmosphere and are mostly used in living rooms or bedrooms.
  9. Hand-knotted woollen Carpets: They give a classy look to your living room. You will get a variety of designs in modern and traditional patterns. These give warmth to your living room.
  10. Flatweave carpets: These are best for the staircase area. They are firm and flat.
  11. Shag Carpets: These are best for bedrooms. It is super soft and provides a cosy atmosphere.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpeting

Carpets look elegant and enhance the appearance of the room. Best carpet for living room give a comfortable and cosy environment. They are available in many vibrant colours, styles and patterns. But it has certain drawbacks too, like they are sensitive to water, difficult to clean, etc. So, we have listed some of the common pros and cons of carpets.

  1. In winter season it will keep your room warm.
  2. Carpets feel soft underfoot and provide a cosy atmosphere.
  3. Carpets are the safest flooring for children.
  4. You can personalize, and you have plenty of styles and colours available. It is a versatile flooring.
  5. Soundproof as they absorbs sound waves.
  6. Comfortable surface.
  7. It protects the floors or tiles from damage. You can even lay a carpet over the uneven surfaces.
  8. Not much expensive than tile, wood, or other flooring options.
  9. Easy to install.
  10. Gives an elegant and luxurious look to your decor.
  1. It requires high maintenance and not easy to clean. It also requires professional cleaning and vacuuming.
  2. Prone to dirt and stains.
  3. Not suitable for people who are allergic as carpets easily attract allergens, dust mites, etc.
  4. Does not have a long life as compared to hardwood or other floorings.
  5. Carpeting is less popular than other floorings.
  6. Holds odour and bacteria.
  7. If wet, it retains moisture and takes time to dry completely

Q. How often should the carpet be professionally cleaned?

It is always better to get the carpet cleaned by a professional in every 15-20 months. Professional cleaners deep clean the carpets.

Q. What is the difference between floor area, carpet area?

Carpet area: It is the area that can be covered by carpet. Walls, veranda, gallery, terrace and balcony are excluded from it.
Floor area: It is the total area excluding walls and columns.

Q. Why should people have their carpets professionally cleaned?

Best carpet for living room enhances the look of your room. But they can be quiet messy because it attract dust and allergens present in air. Benefits of professional cleaning of carpet:

  • Increases the life of your carpet
  • Removes dust particles, bacteria, and allergens present in it
  • Eliminates dust mite infestations
  • Removes bad odour
  • Makes it look neat and tidy

Thank You for taking out your precious time to read our article. I hope it benefits you in some way. We would love to read your valuable opinions and highly appreciate any new suggestions. So please leave your comments below. Happy Shopping!

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