5 Best Kitchen Chimney to buy in India 2021 – Electric Chimney

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Best Kitchen Chimney to buy in India

Best Chimney to Buy
Best Chimney to Buy

Buying the Best Kitchen Chimney for your kitchen is an essential but a bit tedious task. It is the most needed appliance in every household. A chimney is necessary for many reasons, such as health, hygiene, cleanliness, etc. With the help of this article, you can buy chimney online at ease.

Traditionally people used exhaust fans, but now everyone prefers chimneys as they are more durable, efficient and gives a lavish touch to your kitchen. Cooking involves a lot of smoke. Cooking Indian food involves a lot of oil, spices and frying, which makes the kitchen greasy and sticky. The signs of grease are clearly visible on the tiles and the roof of the kitchen. The chimney absorbs smoke, odours, fumes, grease droplets and provides good ventilation. Due to limited space in the kitchen, proper ventilation is required. Therefore, the demand for the best chimney in India is very high.

List of 5 Best Chimney Brands

There are a lot of chimney brands available in the market. But selecting the best can become a tedious task. Therefore, we brought you the best chimney brand in India.

1. Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean chimney
2. Faber 90 Cm/ Hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney
3. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney
4. Eurodomo 90cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney
5. Glen 60cm, 1000 m3/h Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney 
5 Best Chimney to buy in India

1. Elica Chimney 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean

Elica Chimney WD HAC Touch is one of the best chimneys in India offered by Elica. It is easy to operate, enabled with a touch and motion sensor control panel, which makes it to the top of our list. Its elegant design adds a luxury touch to your kitchen. And the best advantage is its Heat Auto Clean Technology. One of the most tedious things is to clean a chimney. As it’s an auto clean chimney, you just need to press a button, and the chimney will automatically start cleaning itself. This chimney uses less electricity, so you don’t have to worry about your monthly utility bills.

  • Suction Power 1200 m3/hr
  • Appropriate for 2 as well as 4 burners
  • 2-baffle filters
  • 180-watt consumption
  • Size 90cm
  • 2-LED lamps
  • Touch and motion sensor control
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology
  • 1-year warranty on the whole product and 5-years on the motor
  • Wall-mounted and curved glass
  • The only disadvantage is that installation charges are not included. 

2. Faber Chimney 90 Cm/ Hr Heat Auto Clean

Faber is a famous brand offering some of the best chimney in India. It is a high-performance product with a powerful motor, classy look, and equipped with modern technology. The most popular features of a Faber chimney are the gesture control option and Heat Auto-Cleaning Technology.  

  • The suction capacity of 1200m3/hr
  • 2 LED lamps
  • Size 90cm
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Powerful motor
  • Heat Auto Cleaning Feature
  • Gesture and Touch control
  • Appropriate for 2 as well as 4-burner gas stoves
  • 3 speed-control gesture
  • Warranty 1-year on product and 5-years on motor
  • Wall-mounted and curved glass
  • Filterless chimney 
  • Low noise level

3. Hindware Chimney 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean

It is the Hindware Chimney Nevio which comes with advanced thermal auto-clean technology, a high-efficiency motor and good suction capacity. Hindware is a local Indian brand best suited for Indian kitchens. It is recognized for its quality and offers a wide range of products.

The most outstanding feature is its thermal auto-clean technology. Hindware Chimney Nevio gives maximum airflow to the kitchen by removing smoke and contains 3-speed levels of touch control. It is also equipped with a metal oil-collector cup and the feather touch control make it one of the best chimney for kitchen. The stylish design and stainless-steel finish of the chimney will be an add-on to the kitchen’s ambience. It is energy-efficient, easy to operate and gives a high-class performance.

  • The suction capacity 1200 m3/hr
  • Metallic blower
  • Size 90cm
  • SS Baffle filter
  • Touch control
  • Suitable for 2 as well as 4-burner gas stoves
  • 1-year warranty on product and 5-years on motor
  • Motor power of 180-watt
  • Thermal auto clean technology
  • 2 LED lamps
  • Wall-mounted and curved glass
  • The main drawback is the oil-collector cup is not much durable

4. Eurodomo Chimney 90cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean

The Eurodomo Chimney90 model is a combination of luxurious design and super classy features. Eurodomo is an acclaimed brand that provides a wide range of kitchen appliances. It offers the best chimney in terms of its design, technology and features. It enhances the look of your kitchen with its premium black finish and tempered glass.

The stainless-steel baffle filters are of supreme quality and very efficiently suck up the smoke out of the kitchen. It comes with an auto-clean feature, with a press of a button, the chimney automatically starts the cleaning process. The baffle filter requires cleaning every 6 months.

  • The suction capacity 1200m3/hr
  • Size 90cm
  • Auto-clean technology
  • 2 LED lights
  • Suitable for 3-5 burner gas stoves
  • Baffle filter
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Wall-mounted and curved glass
  • 1-year warranty on product and 5-years on motor
  • 180-watt consumption
  • Quite noisy
  • User manual not provided

5. Glen Chimney – 60cm, 1000 m3/h Curved Glass 

The Glen Chimney 6071 EXTS Black is a good option under 10,000. Glen offers a wide range of chimneys at a reasonable price with great features. Being economical is what makes Glen kitchen chimney the best chimney in India.

The ultra-modern sophisticated look makes it an ideal chimney for your kitchen. This chimney comes with touch sensor controls with 3-speed levels, Baffle filters and a lifetime warranty. The filters are easy to clean and are long-lasting. The thermal protector protects the motor from overheating.

Its powerful suction throws the smoke outside, which makes your kitchen smoke-free and also ensures that the walls are protected from any sticky residue. Elegant design, modestly priced and its distinct features show that this chimney is one of the best options amongst the other chimneys in India.

  • Suction capacity 1000 m3/hr
  • Size 60cm
  • Suitable for 2-4 burner stoves
  • Wall-mounted and curved glass
  • SS Baffle filter
  • Push-button controls
  • 155-watts power consumption
  • 2 LED lamps
  • Dynamic airflow
  • Italian motor with thermal overload protector
  • 1-year warranty on product and 7-years on motor
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable product
  • Flame Retardant Plastic and copper wires are used for utmost safety and long life.

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How to select a Chimney for your Kitchen

Chimneys are installed above the gas stoves or cooktops to suck out the smoke, airborne droplets of oil leaving your kitchen smoke-free. Chimneys save you from the hassles of deep cleaning your kitchen now and then. For a smoke-free and healthy cooking experience, you should have the best kitchen chimney. One doesn’t buy such appliances every day, so before buying you should be very careful in selecting the best chimney in terms of quality, durability, size, model, design, suction power, filter types, low noise level, ducting, warranty, guarantee, maintenance, etc. There are many factors to consider while buying the best chimney in India.

Factors to consider before buying the best chimney in India

Here are some of the factors that you must check, before investing in a kitchen chimney.

Size of the kitchen

Before buying a chimney, consider your kitchen size, cooking habits and whether your kitchen has good ventilation.

Types of Filter

Mainly, the chimney filter is categorized into three types:

  1. Cassette or Mesh Filter: These are made of multi-layers of aluminium or stainless steel mesh. They are only capable of catching solid particles. Mesh filters need regular cleaning.
  2. Baffle Filter: These filters are much better than mesh filters. They require cleaning in 3 to 4 months. They are best for Indian kitchens.
  3. Carbon Filter: Carbon filter is a popular filter used in chimneys in India. These filters are the same as carbon filters in water purifiers. These filters require less maintenance than the baffle and mesh filters. Cleaning these once in 6-months is sufficient. These also remove bad odour from food.

Some latest models of chimneys are equipped with filter-less technology. Though they are a bit costly but the maintenance cost is negligible, as compared to chimneys that come with filters.

Type of chimney

Chimneys are of four types. You may select the type of chimney according to the structure and internal design of your kitchen.

  1. Wall-mounted chimney
  2. Island chimney
  3. Built-in chimney
  4. Corner chimney
Size of the chimney

The optimum size of the chimney should be either same or greater than the size of your stove. The chimney should never be smaller than the size of the stove.

Auto-clean feature

It is an important feature that you should consider before buying. Auto-clean chimneys are easy to clean and are more durable. The cleaning process automatically starts with a press of a button.

Chimney Design

The chimney design depends on your kitchen decor whether it is modern or conventional. You may select a chimney that suits and enhances the look of your kitchen.


The more the cost more features the chimney will have.

Ducted or a ductless chimney

Ducted chimneys absorb smoke, heat, moisture and are perfect for Indian kitchens. They are bulky and require external piping. The ductless chimneys do not require any external piping. They are sleek and do not occupy much space.

Suction Power

The suction power is the capacity of the motor to absorb the odour and oil particles. If you cook food with less oil, then you may purchase chimney with a suction power between 750-1000 m3/hr. But, if you make deep-fried foods very often then you must choose a chimney with the suction of 1200 m3/hr or more.


Look for a low-maintenance chimney.


Always buy from a reputed brand as they offer free installation. A genuine brand will also provide quick after-sales service.


Consider buying a chimney that is silent or produces very little air-circulation noise.


Depending on the model you will get different speed options.


Usually, brands offer a warranty of up to 2-years. Some also provide a life-time warranty on their chimneys.

Additional Features

You may look for advanced features like auto-clean, convertible kits (converts ducting chimney into ductless), soundproof kits, detachable oil collector, auto-heat sensor, buzzer or indicator. In the split chimney, the motor is fitted outside the kitchen which lessens the noise. Also, look for alarm (notifies you when it is time to clean the filter) and LED lights.

Types of Chimneys in Kitchen

A chimney is categorized into four types. You may select the kind of chimney depending on the structure of your kitchen and location. Let’s understand these 4-types of chimney:

  1. Wall-mounted Chimney: These chimneys are fit against the wall over the stove. They are best for modular kitchens. Wall-mounted chimneys can go with both modern as well as traditional kitchen designs.
  2. Island Chimney: These chimneys are meant for the kitchens where the stove is placed at the centre. Therefore, you need an island chimney in these kitchens. Island chimneys are fixed from the ceiling over the cooktop. These are hanging chimneys which are suitable for open kitchens. They are quite expensive.
  3. Built-in Chimney: They are most suitable for small apartments. Built-in chimneys are fitted against the wall and integrated into the kitchen cabinets. They require some extra wooden work to be fixed. They are installed in a way that the extra parts are not visible. These chimneys are sleek, compact and occupy less space.
  4. Corner Chimney: They are not much popular in the Indian market. Corner chimneys are installed in the corner area of the kitchen. They are fitted against the wall just above the cooktop.

Filtered or filterless Chimney

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In a filter-less chimney, you don’t need to clean the filter. But the oil from the smoke chamber gets stuck and goes to the blower chamber. Hence, it requires servicing. While in a filtered chimney the filter collects 60-70 per cent oil and there is less oil collected in the blower chamber. But you need to clean the filter once a week.

Ducted or ductless chimney

As per our recommendations, a ducted chimney is a better option because of its advantages. Ductless chimney recirculate the smoke, oil particles, etc. that it had absorbed. Whereas, ducted chimney throws the smoke, grease particles, etc. out of the kitchen.

Manual vs Automatic Chimney

It is quite difficult to select whether to purchase a Manual or Automatic chimney. These points will help you to select the best chimney for your kitchen:

  • Durability: Auto-clean chimney is more durable than a manual chimney.
  • Price: Manual chimney is cheaper than an auto-clean chimney.
  • Suction Power: Auto-clean chimney has more suction power than a manual chimney.
  • Cleaning: Auto-clean chimney is easy to clean and maintain than a manual chimney.

Benefits of Auto-clean chimney

The auto-clean chimney is a better option than the manual models. In the manual chimney model, you need to clean the filter manually at least once a week. Whereas in auto-clean chimney there is no need to clean them manually. It comes with advanced technology that removes the oil to get it to the collector. forces the oil to get out to the collector. Some latest models use heat to evaporate the oil.

Kitchen chimney design

Some of the common kitchen chimney design that you will easily find in the market are:

  • Pyramid Design Chimney: These are the most energy-efficient chimneys.
  • Curved Glass Chimney: They are the most silent and powerful chimneys.
  • Box Type Chimney: These are dirt-resistant and equipped with features like soft-touch digital control and LED lights.
  • Straight-line Chimney: They are designed to fit in kitchens that have limited space. They effectively remove smoke because of good suction power.

Advantages of kitchen chimney

Installing chimney in kitchen has numerous benefits like:

  • Removes smoke, fumes, dust, steam, gases and odour from the kitchen.
  • Provides good ventilation.
  • Saves your tiles and walls from stains of oil and grease.
  • The LED light gives you extra light for cooking.
  • It helps in keeping the kitchen hygienic, clean, and free from bacteria.

Disadvantages of chimney

There are certain disadvantages of chimney.

  • Cleaning a chimney is a difficult task.
  • Repair is a bit costly.
  • High electricity consumption.
  • Noisy
  • Installation is a tedious task.

But, the disadvantages of the kitchen chimney is very negligible in terms of the benefit it gives. Therefore, you should purchase one for your kitchen.

Cleaning of Kitchen Chimney

The chimney needs to be cleaned at a regular interval of time because oil particles get stuck in the filter. So it clogs the filter. Therefore, it is important to clean the chimney for effective and efficient performance.

How to clean a chimney?

To clean a chimney follow these simple steps.

  • Wipe the chimney with hot water.
  • Then thoroughly clean the chimney with a liquid detergent.
  • Now, clean the chimney with hot water and remove the soap thoroughly.
  • Lastly, wipe the chimney with a micro-fibre cloth.

How to clean the filter?

You can clean the chimney filter at home by following these steps:

  • Remove the filters.
  • Take a bucket of hot water.
  • Add liquid detergent to the bucket and mix it well with the help of a brush.
  • Soak the chimney filter in the mixture for 10 minutes.
  • Now scrub the filters. You may add extra detergent if required.
  • Clean the filters thoroughly. Now rinse the filters with water and let them dry.
  • After the filters have dried completely, you may fit them back in the chimney.

How often should we clean the filters?

The cleaning of the filter depends on the kind of chimney, the filter type and cooking conditions. Baffle filters need cleaning once a month. For cassette filter, you need to clean them once a week. If you have a ductless chimney, clean the filter once in 3-6 months. Check the manual for cleaning and maintenance.

How to know its the time to change the filter?

It depends on many factors like, the frequency at which you use the chimney, cooking style, amount of smoke or fume filtered, filter type, etc. Some filters need replacement in three to six months. Some chimneys are equipped with sensors that notify you when to replace the filter.


Chimneys have become a necessity nowadays because we need proper ventilation for hygienic, smoke-free and odour-free kitchen. They also keep your kitchen wall and tiles free from grime. Hope this information help you to select the best chimney for your kitchen.


Is the kitchen chimney necessary?

Kitchen chimney absorbs harmful gases, smoke and odours from the cooked foods. Chimney also protects the kitchen’s tiles and walls from sticky fumes and grime. It ensures that the smell from the food gets quickly absorbed and do not reach other rooms.

Which are the best chimney brands in India?

The best chimney brands in India are Elica and Faber.

What is the difference between Chimneys and Exhaust Fans?

The chimney is a better alternative to an exhaust fan as it is more powerful and efficient. It effectively removes harmful gases, smoke & odour, absorbs oil and grease droplets and stops them from coming back into the kitchen. An exhaust fan is capable of only removing smoke, odour and carbon. An exhaust fan is affordable and easy to install than a chimney. Because installing a chimney needs proper planning as it requires a lot of space.

Which is the best material for chimney pipe?

Chimney pipes are usually made from aluminium, stainless steel or PVC. Stainless steel is the most prominent material for kitchen chimney.

Height of chimney from the stove?

The chimney should neither be installed too high nor too low from the stove. If a chimney is fitted too high, then it won’t work efficiently. If it is placed too low, it would be unsafe and inconvenient. It should be installed at a height of 65cm-75cm above the cooktop. Please check with the manufacturer for the height recommendations before installing.

What should be the size of kitchen chimney?

For a large kitchen, buy a chimney of size 90cm. But, if your kitchen is small or medium-sized, a 60cm chimney would suffice.

How to clean the oil collector?

You can easily take out the oil collector and clean it with any detergent.

Thank You for taking out your precious time to read our article. I hope it benefits you in some way. We would love to read your valuable opinions and highly appreciate any new suggestions. So please leave your comments below. Happy Shopping!

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