Best Roti Maker in India: Buyer’s Guide

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The best roti maker in India is a need in every modern kitchen as it eases the roti making process. It is a boon for working professionals, especially women who have a busy schedule. Making perfectly round and properly cooked roti might be difficult for a novice. Therefore, roti maker comes in rescue to make fluffy and round roti quickly and efficiently. That’s why it’s an essential appliance for every modern kitchen.

Making roti is a tedious task. First, you need to roll the roti neither too thin nor thick and of perfect shape. Then, put the rolled roti on Tawa and cook it evenly (without burning the roti). Roti makers help you make a perfect round, soft, fluffy chapatis with minimum efforts. They are better than the traditional process of cooking roti.

With the modern versions of roti maker, you can even make chillas, paranthas, pancakes, etc.. You don’t not need any rolling pin (Belan), rolling board (Chakla), and Tawa. With the best roti maker in India, you can easily enjoy the delicious roti.


Apart from roti, there are several things you can make with a modern roti maker machine. You can make:

  • Dosa
  • Parantha
  • Roll Puri
  • Omelett
  • Papad
  • Khakra

List of Best roti maker in India

Are you willing to buy the best roti maker? Here in this article, we have listed the best roti maker from top-notch brands that are best for your kitchen. It will clear all your doubts about the appliance and help you to select the best roti maker for your kitchen. List of best roti maker in India:

Best Roti Maker in IndiaPowerCheck Price
1. BAJAJ VACCO® Go-Ezzee Roti Maker900 W₹₹₹
2. Prestige Xclusive PRM 5.0 Roti Maker900 W₹₹₹₹
3. Rico Roti Maker1000 W₹₹₹
4. Delta Roti Maker950 W
5. BALTRA Magicook Electric Roti Maker900 W₹₹
List of Best Roti Maker in India

1. BAJAJ VACCO® “Go-Ezzee” Chapati/Roti/Khakhra Maker C-02 Wattage 900

An Indian origin company, Bajaj Vacco, is an acclaimed brand in the home electrical appliance industry. Shri D.P Bajaj started the company in 1948-49. The brand is known for manufacturing Iron Press (Manual & Automatic), Pressure Cookers, Mixer Grinders, Water Heaters, Ovens, Fans, Toasters, etc.. Bajaj Vacco follows a customer-centric approach and manufactures products that are durable, genuine, high-quality, and affordable.

The Bajaj Vacco is a powerful and superior roti maker that makes fluffy roti, Khakra, parantha, and is capable of doing all the saute jobs. It’s auto cut-off feature stops at a predetermined temperature and saves roti from getting burnt. Therefore, this roti maker is perfect for family gatherings, get-togethers as it allows you to make chapatis quickly and efficiently.

The roti maker made of high-quality tubular elements and its cooking plates (Tawa) coated with non-stick food-grade Teflon Heritage coating. The outer body made of best quality stainless steel. These features make it fall in the category of best roti maker in India.

The brand provides a 1-year warranty on the roti maker machine. For any query, contact the customer service centre on 011-28750206 or 23625106.

Note: Please read the instruction manual carefully before operating the appliance. You can watch the CD or “How to use” video on Youtube for better clarity about its usage.


ManufacturerBajaj Vacco
Model NumberC-02
Tawa Size20.26 cm
Output Wattage900W
Operating Voltage230 to 240V AC
Country of OriginIndia
Weight2 kg
Dimensions30.3 x 22.8 x 22.6 cm
In the BoxChapati Maker, Demo C.D, Demo Booklet, Guarantee Card
Specification of Bajaj VACCO


  • The shock-proof body ensures no power leakage and is safe to use
  • Powerful and Durable
  • Auto cut-off feature shuts the machine when it reaches the desired temperature
  • LED indicator light which turns red when connected to the power and goes off once it gets heated
  • Supreme quality non-stick Teflon coating on the Tawa
  • Cool to touch ABS plastic pressing-handle
  • Heat-resistant small lifting-handle
  • A versatile appliance which allows you to make paratha, khakra, papad, kulcha, etc.


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Automatic cut-off feature
  • Portable and Light-weight
  • Long-lasting appliance
  • Rust-proof body
  • Roti doesn’t stick
  • Superior quality parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Regulates temperature and prevent burning
  • Roti tastes like homemade ones
  • Saves time and effort
  • Energy-efficient


  • Body often gets hot
  • Texture of some roti is not up to the mark
  • No ISI Certification
  • Comparatively smaller in size

2. Prestige Xclusive Stainless Steel PRM 5.0 Roti Maker (Silver)

The Prestige is a reliable brand known for manufacturing kitchen appliances and cookware. The brand was started by Mr TT Krishnamachari in the year 1955. Prestige manufactures best-quality, highly durable, and elegantly designed products.

The base of Prestige PRM 5.0 Roti Maker has a unique curved surface with elevated edge, which allows easy flipping of roti and ensures that it stays in the centre. The cooking plates have a Granite spatter non-stick coating, and its stainless steel body makes the roti maker machine durable. Its elegant design makes the roti maker a perfect addition to your kitchen.

The roti maker comes with an adjustable temperature control knob, which gives you control over the temperature settings. Also, it has Power Indicators. The red light indicates the roti maker is on, and the green light indicates the machine is on heating mode. When the green light goes off the appliance becomes ready to use. You can make paratha, pancakes, omelettes, roti, uttapam, etc.. You can also use it for beating creams, churning milkshakes, etc.. All these features make it the best roti maker in India.

The brand gives a 1-year warranty on the product. For any query or complaint, call the customer support number on 1800-123-334411 (from Monday to Sunday, 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM).


Voltage230 V
Wattage900 watts
Coating Granite Non-Stick
Weight2 kg
Dimensions18 x 15 x 17 cm
In the BoxRoti Maker, Demo CD
Prestige PRM 5.0 Specification


  • The Granite Non-Stick coating uses less oil and gives long-lasting performance
  • Shock-proof body
  • It comes with a Unique Curved Surface for convenient flipping of roti
  • An adjustable temperature control knob
  • Multipurpose appliance that can make pancake, roti, paratha, etc.
  • Power Indicators


  • Stainless Steel Durable body
  • Easy flipping of roti
  • User-friendly
  • Energy-efficient
  • Dishes don’t stick to the surface
  • Easy to carry
  • Cool to touch handles
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sturdy design
  • Long-lasting performance


  • A bit expensive
  • A wooden spatula should be used to prevent the Tawa from scratches
  • Requires time to heat
  • Handle carefully

3. Rico Roti Maker Puri, Dosa, Kahkra Without Oil

A well-known brand, Rico, was established in 1965, that introduced mixer grinders in India. It is known for manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances, cookware, etc.. Rico has a global reach in around 15 countries, as well as a national presence. Their products are of superior quality, rust-resistant, and are ISI, CE, ROHS certified.

The Rico Automated Roti Maker machine is the best roti maker in India because of its excellent features. Its plates are of non-stick food-grade material. Because of the non-stick coating, it uses little or no oil. The body is of superior quality heavy gauge stainless steel material. It makes light, soft, and fluffy roti in no time.

The roti maker comes with an automatic cut-off feature that saves electricity as well as prevents overheating of the appliance. The elegant and modern look, durable body makes it fall in the list of best roti maker in India.

It comes with a 1-year warranty on the product. You can reach out the customer care at (+91 22) 2600 2906 between 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM or email at


Model NumberRico RM1408
Power1000 W
Voltage230 – 240 V
Frequency50 Hz
MaterialStainless Steel
Weight2 kg 80 g
Dimensions30 x 21.5 x 22 cm
In the BoxRoti Maker
Specification of RICO Roti Maker


  1. Faster Heating
  2. Power-On/Off Indicator
  3. Non-stick food grade Teflon coated cooking plates
  4. Best suited for bachelors, small as well as large families


  • Strong and heat-resistant handles- pressing and lifting handles made of ABS Plastic
  • Snap action Thermostat makes it safe to use
  • Requires very little or no oil
  • Makes roti quickly and efficiently (suitable for small gatherings)
  • Durable
  • Handy appliance
  • Even heating
  • Easy to use
  • Make perfect roti just like homemade ones
  • Powerful
  • Easy to carry as it is very light-weight
  • Rust-proof body
  • Energy-efficient


  • Makes hard chapati

4. Delta Chapati/Roti/Khakra Maker (Silver, Stainless Steel Body)

The Delta Roti Maker comes with non-stick Teflon coated cooking plates. The stainless steel body makes it sturdy and durable. Best roti maker in India because of its outstanding features and sturdy design. It has a shockproof body that protects you from any electrical shocks. The power on/off indicators prevents accidents. Another important safety feature is the non-heating handles which ensure easy and convenient grip while cooking.

The Delta roti maker is known for a hassle-free chapati making experience. It is a versatile appliance which not only makes roti but also makes khakra, dosa, etc.. This appliance gives you effortless cooking and saves time. The aesthetics, ergonomic handles make it the best roti maker in India.


ManufacturerM M Traders -Delta
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage950 W
Coating Non-stick
Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 x 22 x 28 cm
In the BoxChapati Maker, Demo CD
Specification of Delta Roti Maker


  1. Non-stick Teflon Coating over cooking plates
  2. Stainless steel body
  3. Power Indicators


  • Shock-proof body
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Multipurpose appliance- makes khakra, roti, etc..
  • Hassle-free cooking
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to operate


  • Customer service not up to the mark

5. BALTRA Magicook Electric Roti and Khakra Maker Machine Non-Stick Coated Plate 900Watt

As we know, Baltra is a reliable brand in the Kitchenware, Glassware, Electrical Appliance. It started its journey in the year 1994 with the aim of manufactures high-quality, durable, user-friendly, and stylish products. Their products certified by various National & International Standards- ISI, ISO, as well as CE approved.

Baltra Magicook Electric Roti maker is a well-designed and engineered to excellence appliance. Its impressive features make it to the list of best roti maker in India. It comes with non-stick coated cooking plates with a chrome-finish stainless steel body, which gives an elegant look to the roti maker.

It is thermostat controlled and has a dual heating function that ensures even cooking. The handles are cool to touch, which gives an easy and convenient grip. Compact design makes it easy to store.

The brand gives a 2-year of warranty on the product. For any query, contact the customer care support on 7827911075/76/77/78/79.


ManufacturerBaltra Home Products
Model NumberBTR-201
Pan Size13 cm
Wattage900 W
Operating Voltage220 V
Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions27 x 22 x 31 cm
MaterialStainless Steel
In the Box1 Roti maker, 1 Warranty Card, and 1 Demo CD
Specification of Baltra Magicook Electric Roti Maker


  1. Shockproof body
  2. Special Stainless steel Chrome-finish body
  3. Non-stick coated plates
  4. Thermostat Control
  5. Dual heating feature
  6. Power Indicators


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Energy-efficient
  • Economical
  • Faster and even cooking
  • Easy to use
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Saves time and effort
  • Roti doesn’t stick
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Does not take much space
  • Suitable for functions and gatherings
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile appliance- makes khakra, roti, etc..


  • Heating issues faced by some customers
  • Outer cover gets hot

How to use a Roti Maker Machine

Making roti in a roti maker is very easy. The machine saves a lot of time and effort and makes soft and hot roti for you. Just follow these steps and make delicious hassle-free Rotis in no time.

  1. Knead dough which is softer than the regular dough used for Tawa roti.
  2. The dough should be fresh because stored dough will make hard chapatis.
  3. Let the dough rest for 30-45 minutes, otherwise the roti will break.
  4. Switch on the roti maker and let it heat to the maximum temperature or until the heating indicator light goes off. It will take around 5-6 minutes.
  5. Make the atta balls and dust some dry flour on them.
  6. Ensure the roti maker is well-heated. Now place the atta balls on the cooking plate of the roti maker machine. Mostly the cooking plates are of non-stick material.
  7. Close the top lid and press it gently with the handle for a few seconds.
  8. Now open the lid, and you can see the proper round shape roti.
  9. Cook the roti from both the sides properly. When you see bubbles forming, then flip the roti and cook it from the other side. (This will take around 15-20 seconds each side).
  10. According to your preference, as to how much cooked you want your roti, brown it accordingly.
  11. When the roti gets almost cooked (browning starts), gently close the top lid.
  12. Roti will rise and slide out from the machine.
  13. Immediately store the roti in foil or casserole to prevent it from hardening.

Factors to consider before buying the best roti maker in India

Selecting the best roti maker in India is a difficult task as there are plenty of options available in the market. It saves you time, and without any mess, makes great roti quickly. Some of the factors that you must consider are:

  1. Functions: Buy a roti maker that can make dosa, parantha, etc.. It is a value for money if purchased carefully by considering all its functions.
  2. Usage: You should go through its usage instructions before using the roti maker. Check for the demo CD and user manual that comes with the appliance.
  3. Brand: An important aspect to consider is the brand. Purchase a roti maker only from a reputed brand, which ensures its quality, warranty, etc..
  4. Budget: Buy a good quality roti maker. Cheap products might save you money at first but are not a good option as they are of low quality and harmful. So never settle for cheaper ones, especially for roti maker.
  5. Weight: As you have to apply pressure and lift the handles, so choose a light-weight appliance. It is a daily use appliance so it should be compact, easy to carry, and easy to store.
  6. Electricity: The best roti maker can reach about 425º F. Therefore, the machine should be powerful enough to outreach such a high temperature. The power also depends on the griddle size. Generally, it requires about 750 Watts for a 10-inch griddle and about 250 Watts for the cover.

Other Factors

  1. Check and buy the roti maker machine online. As they have many latest deals, and you can check genuine reviews online.
  2. Size of the plates: The size of the cooking plate should be between 8-10 inches to get a perfect size roti.
  3. Safety: The body of the roti maker machine should be shockproof, and handles should be cool to touch. It will save you from power leakage and accidental burns.
  4. Indication Light: Indicator lights indicate whether the machine is on/off or on heating mode.
  5. Temperature Setting: You can easily adjust the temperature with the dial. (Not every roti maker comes with a dial).
  6. The material of the plate: Usually, the material used to make the cooking plates is aluminium because of its uniform heat distribution. The cooking plates should also be non-stick so that the use of oil is minimal.

What is the Power difference between the upper and lower lids?

Difference between the power of the upper and lower plates depends on the roti maker model. The lower lid always has a higher temperature than that of the upper lid. Generally, for a 900 watts model, the upper plate usually has 300 watts, and the lower plate has 600 watts. Therefore, the bottom can really get hotter than the upper lid.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roti maker machine

A few advantages and disadvantages of the Roti maker machine are :


  • Easy to use
  • Faster and efficient cooking
  • Economical and energy-efficient (save gas)
  • No or very little oil used (better for health)
  • You don’t need a rolling pin, neither need to stand in front of gas, etc.. So, you have more free counter space
  • Makes evenly cooked, perfect round shape and well-baked roti
  • Heavyweight and good quality aluminium, stainless steel and coated with non-stick material. The cooking plates, top, and bottom distributes heat evenly and ensures that roti doesn’t burn
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hygienic and safe to use
  • Convenient storage
  • Much-needed appliance for beginners


  • Roti made in a roti maker machine should be consumed immediately or within an hour. Otherwise, they will turn hard.
  • Use a fresh dough to prepare roti. (else the roti would not be fluffy)
  • Always buy a good-quality roti maker. Never go for cheap and low-quality models as they lack safety measures.
  • Let it cool down properly before cleaning
  • For some people, the taste may be slightly different than hand-made roti
  • A bit expensive
  • Commercial roti makers are expensive and different from the roti makers meant for home kitchen

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