Free Self-Help Kindle Books

Why to read Kindle Books

Free Self-Help Kindle Books you must read to improve yourself. Amazon Kindle is a handy device where you can store e-books. Today most of the readers have switched to Kindle as it gives easy access to a lot of books, magazines and newspapers.

You can easily buy an e-book on Kindle and start reading it. Reading on Kindle gives you the option to customize the font style and size according to your preference. Thus, helpful for readers who have difficulty in reading small texts. No need to choose a book when you can carry the entire library while you travel.

List of Free Self-Help Kindle Books

Self-help books are great for improving yourself. These books help you to be positive and build leadership qualities that make you win in every situation in life. Here is a list of 5 free self-help Kindle books you must read:

Book Name




Free Kindle Edition

Eleminate Financial Worries and improve yourself

The book comprises thirteen chapters, and every chapter is dedicated to a different aspect of warfare.

Siddhartha's spiritual journey of pain, suffering and rebirth towards the path of Enlightenment.

With stories and real life experiences this book will redefine what it means to be the leader.

Positive Thinking Secret will teach how to increase the joy, happiness, and freedom you experience in your life. Your life will never be the same.

Insight of Self-Help Kindle Books

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Kindle Edition

How to stop worrying and start living is a fantastic book written by Dale Carnegie. The book deals with fundamental of emotions and life-changing ideas. Reading this book will surely help you embrace a worry-free future. It will also reduce your financial worries. At the end you will find a better version of yourself. More than six million people have changed their lives by reading this book. Here is a free kindle edition for you too.

The Art of War (AmazonClassics Edition) Kindle Edition

The Art of War is a 2300-year-old book which comprises of thirteen chapters that deals with every aspect of warfare. This book teaches us how to attain victory without even going to battle. The ancient strategies are helpful even in today’s time. Also, you can apply these strategies to tackle your modern-day issues. It is a great book to build leadership quality. Download the free kindle edition here.

The Life of Buddha and Its Lessons Kindle Edition

The free e-book The Life of Buddha and its Lesson is a summary on the life of Gautam Buddha and his teachings. This book talks about tolerance, peace, benevolence, brotherhood and duty of all men. It takes you on a spiritual journey which leads to enlightenment. It’s a must-read book for everyone, especially for the youth. The book helps you attain positivity, success and know the ultimate truth of life. Download the free Kindle e-book here.


Leader’s Corner is a ultimate guide to leadership by KAM JGUP. The book is a classic tale of a boy who leads a difficult life. In the story, the boy follows his dreams and passions, and on the journey, he remembers his previous births. This story of the boy teaches incredible lessons about Will-Power, Time Management, Self-Discipline, Goal Setting, and Strategy Making. It also helps in handling negative thoughts, criticisms and negative people. It’s a must-read for those who want to achieve success in life.

The Positive Thinking Secret Kindle Edition

The Positive Thinking Secret teaches you how to increase the joy, happiness, and freedom you experience in your life. In his book, author Aaron Kennard talks about how tough and challenging life can be. The book is a story of a father who is diagonosed by a severe colon disorder after the birth of his 4th child. The story tells the sufferings and hardships faced by him and his family. Life story of the man teaches us to be positive, peaceful and have faith even in extreme pain. This book has helped many people in many ways and now you can change your life too.

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These are the 5 free self-help Kindle books that you must read. Click here to buy the best coffee while enjoying your read.

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