Is Tee Inspector Any Good? 15 Ways You Can Be Certain: Tee Inspector Review

TEE INSPECTOR: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Tee Inspector: If you are on this page then you would certainly be into selling printed tees. If you have a business of print on demand or selling printed tees then Tee Inspector is a tool that you must check out.

Over 2700 tee printing business owners are happily using the Tee Inspector.

If you run a print on demand business you can earn up to $44000 within a month. The best part is you don’t have to be a graphic designing expert.

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Tee Inspector – Powerful Teespring Research Software

  • Extract teespring campaigns from Teeview, Google, and Source code
  • Sort by the top number of sales to quickly spot the winners
  • Find marketing ads sending traffic to given Teespring campaigns
  • Quickly uncover hundreds of profitable t-shirt design ideas!
  • Export data to interactive reports you can sell on Fiverr!
  • Spy on other Teespring campaigns’ DAILY sales data!
  • Search the massively popular product social network called Wanelo for top trending designs!

Easy Preview

You can instantly preview any given Teespring campaign by simply hovering your mouse over the top of the link!

Stop wasting your time flipping through hundreds of Teespring pages .. by simply moving your mouse, you can see exactly what you want in milliseconds!

With simply a click of your mouse, you can instantly preview all Teespring shirt campaigns in an interactive data table. You can sort each column as well as search by keyword. Also, the results will “filter-as-you-type” into the search box .. in real-time!

Furthermore, … you can SELL these reports as HTML records to your clients or as Fiverr gigs! There are more ways of bringing in cash with this strong programming!

Wanelo Search Tool

Wanelo Search Tool helps you to quickly find new fresh t-shirt design ideas “Want, Need, Love”.

Wanelo is a social network for making it easier to discover amazing products and stores and share them with your friends … which makes it a PERFECT place to find top trending shirt ideas!

Data Archiver Tool

Tee Inspector has a Data Archiver Tool that helps you to spy on ANY Teespring campaign by allowing Tee Inspector’s Data Archiver tool to log sales for any given campaign link based on a time period you set!

You can set the Data Archiver to fetch data every hour, or every 2, 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours!

Also … you can log your own sales data for all your own campaigns!

  • Quickly see which designs are getting the most sales per day!
  • Know which one of your designs is selling within the first couple of hours!
  • Find out your exact earnings per hour!
  • Combine the power of the trackers’ tool to quickly see all your EPCs! (earnings-per-click)
  • See what days of the week bring in more sales!
  • See what times of the day get more sales!
  • Use the statistics to dial in your campaign for maximum profits!

Benefits of Tee Inspector

Here’s another powerful tool I integrated that will SAVE you a whole lot of time! After creating over 130 Teespring campaigns and over 1,000 Facebook ads … I needed a tool for quickly getting access to common content I use all the time.

For example, I like to use the similar content in all my Teespring campaign descriptions and Facebook ad copy, and with the Data Bank tool, you simply “double-click” the selected item in your list, and BOOM … it’s copied to your computer’s clipboard for you to easily paste anywhere you want!

This tool has saved me HOURS and HOURS of time … and allows you to quickly bang out over 10 campaigns per day with total ease! You can even use this for ANY content you want, like common email messages, subject lines, customer response emails, links, codes, .. anything you want!

  • See how to use the buyer messaging tool to pump out more Teespring sales
  • how to use ad comments to triple your shirt orders per sale
  • how to create animated GIF images displaying your shirt styles and colors that you can insert into your campaign descriptions
  • how to force Facebook into sending you traffic FAST
  • how to avoid getting your image ads disapproved using a simple free tool
  • how to create curved text along any path in photoshop!
  • And more to come!

In his product, you see several VERY simple shirt designs that ANYONE can create ..
shirt 1 – $44,890
shirt 2 – $20,026
shirt 3 – $13,597
shirt 4 – $9,002
shirt 5 – $10,972
shirt 6 – $43,782
shirt 7 – $21,869

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